What I learned from প্রভু জ্ঞান দাও

Arfa Zannat

Here are the things that I have learned from প্রভু জ্ঞান দাও

1) Computer, computer functions . 2) Computer history. 3) Computer generation. 4) Early generation computers. 5) First generation computer. 6) Second generation computer Etc. 7) Computer virus, antivirus and security. 8) Desktop skin icon, icon shortcut, file folder / directory desktop . 9) Different uses of Windows operating system . 10) Create folders, rename, cut / copy / paste . 11) Launch of basic program / application . 12) Typing Practice through Type Tutor, English Type Teaching, Bangla Type Teaching.

I wish all the very best for প্রভু জ্ঞান দাও and hope they will achieve what they aimed for. Thank you প্রভু জ্ঞান দাও.

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